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Sarah Valeos, Owner of 3 Monkeys Publishing, LLC

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3 Monkeys Publishing, LLC was established by Owner, Sarah Valeos.  Her strong desire to contribute to families and community motivated her to establish 3 Monkeys Publishing, LLC in 2011.   She knew creating a company that allowed her to combine her love of books, cards, and portaiture would allow her to give back on a greater level.



In December of 2010, after Sarah began to contemplate how she could create a way to give back to her community, Sarah wrote My Angel, You Are Loved: A poem and journal keepsake embracing pregnancy and celebrating baby.  She was inspired by her sons-as well as her friend’s son whose story touched her deeply.  Since her struggles with becoming pregnant, Sarah felt passionate about finding a way to create something special that would help women focus on the miracle of pregnancy.  My Angel, You Are Loved allowed her to do this.  Through connecting with mothers-to-be, Sarah has also been able to help spread the word about simple, non-invasive newborn screening that can save lives (click here to learn more).  Through writing and publishing My Angel, You Are Loved, Sarah has been able to combine her passion for celebrating the miracle of pregnancy and birth, and turn it into an avenue that allows her to give back to many near and far.

“Establishing 3 Monkeys Publishing,LLC has been quite a journey.  While it has been a lot of hard work, I have absolutely no regrets.  I have met and worked with some amazing parents, children and families.  Being let into their lives through hearing about how My Angel, You Are Loved has touched them, and hearing their pregnancy and birth stories, has blessed me beyond measure. I feel honored to be a part of their lives and look forward to meeting many more families and learning about their unique story.”  ~Sarah Valeos, Owner

To learn more about why Sarah wrote My Angel, You Are Loved, click here.




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