New/Expecting Parents


After reading studies that found black and white contrast to be easiest for babies to focus on, I knew I had to incorporate this into my book.  My Angel, You Are Loved is designed with beautiful, classic black and white artwork.  Throughout the book are highlights of red and blue (For My Son), or red and pink (For My Daughter).  So sit back, relax, and soak in that sweet newborn smell as you cozy up to read My Angel, You Are Loved to your little angel.

Congratulations on your little angel’s arrival!


Discussion: If you are reading My Angel, You Are Loved to your toddler or child, it is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on your pregnancy and their arrival.  The journal segment of this book provides the perfect foundation to begin this discussion.  Children are fascinated when they hear stories about being in their mother’s belly.  They also enjoy learning about things such as your favorite foods during pregnancy, how you chose their name, or simply how they changed you.

Counting: Another great use for this book, is teaching counting.  Hearts are found frequently throughout the pages of My Angel, You Are Loved. As you read along, count the hearts on each page, or ask your child to do so. Don’t forget the ones hiding in the borders, or in the cloud the with baby. :0)


Health and well-being resources:  Environmental Working Group

Environmental Working Group has been a leader in educating the public about environmental research and creating change in legislation.  For information regarding everything from the food we consume to the  toys children play with, EWG is an amazing tool box chock-full of research.  I, myself, am addicted to this website!

Product Information: Skin Deep

Skin Deep, which is part of Environmental Working Group, is a fantastic place to go when considering the products that will be in your home.  Easily browse through products listed in order of their safety ranking.  You are not obligated to create an account to be allowed the benefit of using the site.  If you do create an account, you are able to create a custom product list of the items you use.  In just a few minutes, after entering your product ingredients, you will be provided with a safety rating and the research it is based on.  Your product list is stored and you can use this at anytime to help you make choices regarding the products you use on yourself and your family members.

Note:  There are times when the product list on the web site is not up-to-date.  Be sure to double-check your products ingredients.  You can contact EWG with any inconsistencies you may encounter.

Other useful resources: Earth Mama Angel Baby

I feel head-over-heals for their products when I was nursing and caring for my babies.  There are also wonderful resources for expectant and new mothers.  I have listed some of the resources they have available below:

Free E-Book: A Comprehensive Guide to Herbs and breastfeeding

Earth Mama Angel Baby Birth Plan: Free Birth Plan

Beautiful e-cards: Free e-cards

Disclaimer:  Any sites referenced on My Angel, You Are Loved providing products or services, are referenced on this site because they were found to be valuable resources.  We are not compensated for providing their information.